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Videos Q1 2014

"The Sword of the Lord"

Pastor Hughes & David Stewart

Pastor Hughes & Dave Stewart, 3/30 14

Believers Baptism

Pastor Hughes with Victoria

Victor, Anthony, Victoria, Angela, 2/2/2014

"Learning To Lean"

Pastor Hughes

Pastor Hughes, 1/5/2014

"This Love is Mine"

Dr. Paige & Ruth

Dr. Paige & Ruth, 1/26/14

"El Shaddai"

Laureen Garrison

Laureen Garrison, 1/5/2014

"In Him We Are One"

Kaitlin Duprey

Kaitlin Duprey, 1/5/2014

"Lord, Let My Life Praise You"

Daniel Greiner

Daniel Greiner, 1/5/2014

"Always The Same"

Anikka Jeffries

Anikka Jeffries, 1/12/2014

"Glorious Love of Christ Divine"

Lois and Ruth

Lois & Ruth, 3/23/2014

"Walking Through The Flames"

EMBC Mixed Quartet

EMBC Mixed Quartet, 3/9/2014

"Seeking The Lost"

EMBC Men's Quartet

EMBC Men's Quartet, 3/2/2014

"Show Thyself Strong"

Anikka Jeffries

Anikka Jeffries, 2/23/2014

"Amazing Grace"

Lois Kochian

Lois Kochian, 2/12/2014

"Peace, Wonderful Peace"

Jessic Greiner

Jessica Greiner, 2/2/2014

"All Your Anxieties"

Ben & Amanda Everson

Ben & Amanda Everson, 1/19/2014

"It Is Finished"

Mark and Shane

Mark & Shane, 12/29/2013

"Jesus is Coming Again"

EMBC Men's Quartet

EMBC Men's Quartet, 3/30/2014

"God's Perfect Lamb"

EMBC Ladies Trio

EMBC Ladies Trio, 3/12/2014

"Where No One Stands Alone"

Mark Davis

Mark Davis, 3/9/2014

"Bow The Knee"

Dr. Paige and Ruth

Dr. Paige & Ruth, 3/2/2014

"That Old Country Church"

EMBC Quartet

EMBC Quartet, 2/23/2014

"Jericho Road"

EMBC Men's Quartet

EMBC Men's Quartet, 2/16/2014

"Zion's Hill"

Greg Waggoner

Greg Waggoner, 2/9/2014

"I Am Amazed"

Anikka Jeffries

Anikka Jeffries. 2/2/2014

"I Just Want to Thank You Lord"

Dorothy Kehoe

Dorothy Kehoe, 2/2/2014

Sing unto him a new song; play skilfully with a loud noise. (Psalm 33:3)
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