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Videos Q2 2014

"Healing of Malchus' Ear"

Pastor Hughes

Pastor Hughes, 4/13/2014

"Opposition to Christ's Death"

Pastor Hughes

Pastor Hughes, 4/6/2014

"Written in Red"

Anikka Jeffries

Anikka Jeffries, 4/6/2014

"He is Risen"

EMBC Choir

EMBC Choir, 4/20/2014

"Jesus, Thank You"

Chris & Dorothy Kehoe

Chris & Dorothy Kehoe, 4/13/2014

"All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name"

EMBC Choir

EMBC Choir, 4/6/2014

"New Life in Christ"

Dr. Paige & Ruth

Dr. Paige & Ruth, 4/20/2014

"He Could Have Called 10000 Angels"

Dan Greiner & Mark Davis

Dan Greiner & Mark Davis, 4/13/2014

"When I Remember"

Daniel Greiner

Daniel Greiner, 4/6/2014

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