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Videos Q3 2014


Pastor Hughes

Pastor Hughes, 8/17/2014


Pastor Hughes

Pastor Hughes, 7/27/2014

"Find us Faithful"

Dr. Paige and Ruth

Dr. Paige and Ruth, 7/13/2014

"God Bless the USA"

Anikka Jeffries

Anikka Jeffries, 7/6/2014

"In God We Trust"


EMBC Choir, 7/6/2014

"Scars and Stripes"

Dorothy Kehoe

Dorothy Kehoe, 7/6/2014


"Jehova Reigns"

EMCB Men's Quartet

EMBC Men's Quartet, 9/14/2014

"Wings As Eagles"

Joshua Yates

Joshua Yates, 9/7/2014

"Only By His Grace"

Anikka Jeffries

Anikka Jeffries, 8/24/2014

"I Will Go"

Abby and Jessica

Abby & Jessica, 8/24/2014

"How Great Thou Art"

Mark Davis

Mark Davis, 8/17/2014

"If Your Heart Keeps Right"

EMBC Ensemble

EMBC Ensemble, 8/3/2014

"God's Perfect Lamb"

Anikka & Abby

Anikka & Abby, 7/13/2014

"Sinner Saved By Grace"

Joshua & Alicia

Joshua & Alicia, 9/14/2014

"I Can't Even Walk"

Mark Davis

Mark Davis, 9/7/2014

"Day By Day"

Michelle and Deborah Brauer

Michelle & Deborah, 8/31/2014

"Lord, Here Am I"

Dr. Paige & Ruth

Dr. Paige & Ruth, 8/24/2014

"The Fight Is On"

Men's Quartet

Men's Quartet, 8/10/2014

"Ship Ahoy"

Dan Greiner

Daniel Greiner, 7/20/2014

"Behold Your God"

Chris & Dorothy Kehoe

Chris & Dorothy Kehoe, 7/6/2014

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