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Videos Title Q1

"The Same Jesus"

Pastor Hughes

Pastor Hughes, 1/11/2015

"The Wonder Of It All"

EMBC Choir

EMBC Choir, 1/4/2014

"Christ Returneth"

Joseph Brauer

Joseph Brauer, 1/4/2015


"If We Could See Beyond Today"

Dr. Paige and Ruth

Dr. Paige & Ruth, 1/25/2015

"You Gave Your Life For Me"

Deborah Brauer

Deborah Brauer, 1/18/2015

"When He Was On The Cross"

Guy Tromp

Guy Tromp, 1/18/2015

"Go On For God"

Daniel Greiner

Daniel Greiner, 1/11/2015

"Softly and Tenderly"

Lois Kochian

Lois Kochian, 1/25/2015

"O, That Wonderful Name"

EMCB Choir

EMBC Choir, 1/25/2015

"The Miracle"

Anikka Jeffries

Anikka Jeffries, 1/18/2015

"Farther Along"

EMBC Quartet

EMBC Men's Quartet, 1/11/2015

"The Trust That Provides"

Anthony Moreno

Anthony Moreno, 12/31/2014

Sing unto him a new song; play skilfully with a loud noise. (Psalm 33:3)
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